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    The Oba of Benin is known primarily as the monarch of Benin Kingdom. But do you know he is also the traditional head of a church?

    We know the story of how King Henry of England formed the Church of England. Below is an account of how the Holy Arousa Church, headed by the Oba of Benin was formed as given by a Nairalander named ‘gregyboy’.

    He wrote;

    The church is as a result of the festac mask

    Were the Portuguese had to subject oba esigie in a though agreement in 17c, inother for them to assist benin in a war against igala and also to sell them gun, that the benins had to first convert to Christianity

    Oba esigie d wise, had no church to allow the church to be erected, the Portuguese knowing benin won’t fully convert to Christianity decided to fight along with benin for the oba attempting to accept Christianity in the first place , but then refused to sell guns to binis

    The benin won the idah war and the church remained till date having a mixture of catholicism and a benin traditional religion

    Like every traditional center in benin is headed by a priest same as the holy arousa

    Source: Culled from here

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