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Did Mugabe Say This About Women Feeding Men?

President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe may be dead, but he is being credited with making a witty remark about women feeding men. If you are a feminist you won’t fund it funny. See more after the cut…

Personal Musings

What People Living In Banana Island Don’t Want You To Know

Yes, big time bloggers have been moving to Banana Island. There, they rub shoulders with the super rich. But I want to let you in on one little secret.

If you have just hit your first big money, it might be tempting to buy/rent a house on Banana island.

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What To Do When You Worry

Inspiration, worry

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How I lost my phone in traffic to pickpockets, and how I could have prevented it

Once, when I was travelling somewhere, and our car got stuck in traffic. I was in the back seat and my driver was in the front. That was the period BlackBerry Curve was reigning in Nigeria.

Next thing I knew, a ‘beggar’ came to my window, and began to beg for ‘money for pure water’. I didn’t know the begging was just an act until, like a  flash of lighting

Personal Musings

The Morning And Evening Sun

The sun climbs majestically to the sky,

In golden robe from greening bed.

Long-beaked choristers announce your presence,

Purple banner says you’re here.

Smiling king above the earth,

So silent ,

Fair, just to all the earth


Your duty done, your light ashone

It’s time to spread the joy around

A day has passed, the dream too real

The birds do come back to their sticks.

The sweat is gone, the sight is nice,

Its time to say goodbye to us.

© Prince Charles Offokaja