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View Realistic Mural Of Harriet Tubman, Breaker Of Chains

Harriet Tubman was a heroic US Afro American woman who rescued many slaves during the slave era of the United States.

Her movement was metaphorically called the Underground Railway and many slaves rode on to their freedom.

According to Afro Americans of that era, Harriet Tubman comes around to rescue slaves in the thick of the night when normal people are alseep. She was that brave.

See photo of the extra realistic mural here.

One thing though: I would have preferred the mural to have a night time background not a day time background. Because most of her rescue operations were carried out at night.

Civil Rights US Afro Americans

Yes, the UK media’s coverage of Afro American Princess Meghan Markle really is racist – Vox spits fire🔥

According to this article by Vox, The UK press’s continued denial of racism just shows how entrenched these attitudes are. Read more.

Civil Rights Colombian Afro Americans

Afro Colombian Day 2020 Coming Up!

Columbian Afro Americans observe the Afro Colombian Day on May 21, 2020.

Afro Colombian Day is an annual holiday to commemorate the contribution of Afro-Colombian communities and the official abolition of slavery in 1851.

On this day Afro-Colombian community cultural and educational programs are held as well as festivals and other public events.

Many Afro Colombians…

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A Look At Pan-Africanism Across The Ages

What is this Pan-Africanism I have been hearing off?

Here is your answer.

Afro Guyanese or Guyanese Afro Americans Civil Rights

Guyanese Afro Americans Deprived Of Land Rights

He lamented that governments, including those mainly supported by African-Guyanese, have “steadfastly refused” to allocate lands to African-Guyanese similar to demarcation of those that had been handed out to…Read more