Disgusting!: Vegetable Seller Spotted Washing Vegetables With Gutter Water

Yes, too much washing of vegetables can reduce the nutrients in it. But too little washing can put your health at risk. Dont just assume that because the veggies you just bought look fresh, then they are clean enough.

You don’t know where that Vegetable was washed in before you bought it. Just watch this video to see what we’re talking about.


WHO Boss Laments About Corona Virus, Provides Hope

We have never before seen a respiratory pathogen that is capable of community transmission, but which can also be contained with the right measures. –

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General World Health Organisation, lamenting that his organisation has never seen anything like Coronavirus before, bit offering hope.

The truth is that Coronavirus is an ailment on its own. More deadly that HIV. It can travel in droplets in the air (scary). Public officials have contracted it, and so forth.

We hope a vaccine is found quickly to contain this.


Science Confirms Bible Story About Earth Being A Water World

Scientific discovery in 2020:

Earth was once a ‘waterworld’ just like the one depicted by Hollywood in the Kevin Costner blockbuster, according to new research.

A global ocean covered the planet 3.2 billion years ago, when the first primitive microbes were emerging.

Read more of the discovery here:

Meanwhile, Bible Statement on the Creation of the earth:

Genesis 1

1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

The Bible is a very complete book.


Steemit Old Guard Debate Hard Fork After Tron Army Dislodged Top 20 Witnesses

Pro Justin Sun forces just unleashed an unexpected offensive that has seen them take control of the top 20 witnesses in the Steem blockchain. As a result, Steem’s Consensus Mechanism is for the first time firmly in Justin Sun’s control.

The old guard, made up of whales of the ante bellum era had earlier initiated a soft fork to deny Justin Sun’s team the power to takeover by themselves.

To counter this, Sun forged an alliance with the big exchanges that have massive amounts of Steem in their control.

As a result, the Tron army was able to muster enough Steem Power to dislodge all the 20 old witnesses.

The move, seen by many of the old Steemian community as a hostile takeover, basically seizes control of the network.

Justin Sun’s ⛅ Tron forces were able to successfully take control with the support of big exchanges that staked Steem under their control, a manoeuvre that caught the old Steem witnesses off guard.

Sources site Twitter reports of pro Sun Steemian forces powering up just before the takeover. Now we know why.

See more here:

And here:


Ultimate Love: 3 Unforgettable Moments In The Eviction Of Micherry (Photos)

Yesterday’s eviction of the romantic couple Mike and Cherry sent shockwaves down the spines of loveguests. This is because the couple were arguably the most romantic in the love show.

So, they were expected to scale through eviction (called checking out) comfortably. That was not to be. Below are 3 unforgettable moments after their eviction:

ultimate love
Other housemates gather round Cherry, who was their popular chef, the life of their parties and the ‘queen’ of Micherry brand of romance to wish her goodbye.
ultimate love
Bottlers carry the Micherry romantic suitcase out of the love pad.

The serious look of the presenter after he announced their eviction.