2023: Case For A Christian President – By Zikeyi John

Current estimates put the Christian and Muslim population in Nigeria at almost par, though some estimates give a slight edge to Muslims in the country. While the north is predominantly Muslim, the south is predominantly Christian. Yet, these broad categories ignore significant populations of both faiths across both sections of the country. For instance, the Middle Belt and parts of the North East have significant Christian populations, while the Southwest has significant Muslim population. The balance of the faiths has encouraged a balancing act in the choice of political leaders but there are fears that if current projections are right Christians will have a hard time leading this country in future.

According to the Pew Research Center, Nigeria’s delicate population balance between Christians and Muslims will tip significantly over the coming years. It predicts that by 2060, some 40 years away, 60.5 percent of the country’s projected population of 283.2 million people will be Muslims, while Christians will make up just about 37 percent. Four years ago in 2015, Muslims made up 50 percent as against 48.1 percent for Christians.

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Unveiling Nmachi Jidenma of WhatsApp

Today, we introduce one of the the high flying Igbos making Igbos proud worldwide: Nmachi Jidenma. She is Strategy and Business Development Lead at WhatsApp Inc.

Igbo Amaka.


South African company to roll out affordable ventilators for sale to African countries

The company deliberately kept the design very basic to reduce costs and ensure that it can be made from materials and machines currently available in most African countries.

“The whole ventilator can be cut from a perspex plate … and then you basically have to add the electronic component to that and then it will work,” he says.

This will help many African countries in the fight against coronavirus.

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Possible Solutions For Those Stubborn Rashes In The Head

Guys, you know those stubborn rashes that come from visiting the barbershop of some barbers who don’t sterilize their clippers properly?

They are called nuchal acne.

I saw a thread where people were contributing solutions for it and decided to share with you in case the real solution(s) are there.

I have some candidates I feel are the real solutions but I won’t mention them, since I am not a doctor. Just browse and see if your solution is there.

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Man Claims 5G Network Is Being Laid In Maryland, Lagos

The man in the video below is claiming 5G network is already being laid in Mende part of Lagos. Experts watch and tell us if this is true or another conspiracy theory.

Scientists have described allegations that 5G is harmful as ‘absolute rubbish’. But anti-5G activists allege that it is a very harmful technology.