Characteristics Of Poverty – englishmart

We saw the description of the effects of poverty by a Nairalander called englishmart See below:

Poverty can format your brain and make you a zombie

Poverty can make you forget yourself in the middle of an express.

Poverty can make you love your oppressors just to get crumbs.

Do you agree?

Nigerian Police Should Use Less Live Bullets And More Rubber Ones

One frequent complaint made against the Nigerian Police Force is its personnel use live bullets when trying to quell riots.

This, their critics allege, leads to more deadly injuries. Rubber bullets don’t kill like live bullets. Nigerian Police Force should use rubber bullets instead that are not as dangerous as live bullets.

Rubber bullets wounds are rarely serious. The utmost should be done to preserve lives.

Water cannons only wet people. It is different from hitting people with the butt of guns.

Covid-19: Germany May Face 50,000 New Infections A Day Unless – Economy Minister

“If we don’t want days with 50,000 new infections, as was the case in France a few weeks ago, we must see through this and not constantly speculate about which measures can be relaxed again.”

Those were the words of Germany’s Economy Minister Peter Altmaier as he warned that the European economic giant is clearly “not out of the woods” following a worrying recent spike in Covid-19 infections.

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for infectious diseases, the number of confirmed cases in Germany rose by 16,947 to 790,503 on Sunday.

But the constant speculation on locking down is taking its toll on many citizens as they long for the kind of normality they used to have before.

There have been fierce protests on the streets. But for Minister Altmaier and many German policy makers, longer lockdowns might be the bitter pill Germans need to swallow if their economy and society is to return to normal.

China, Others Create RCEP With GDP Of $26 Trillion

China has just inked a free trade deal with 15 economies in the Asia Pacific region. The deal is called the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership- RCEP.

It creates a new free trade area with 2.2 billion people. That’s about 30% of the world’s population.

The combined GDP of the RCEP is estimated at $26 trillion. That is almost 28% of global trade if calculated using 2019 figures.

One noteworthy development is that US allies Japan and South Korea are a part of it. Australia and New Zealand are also in on the deal.

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Some Igbo Proverbs And Their Meaning From

We saw some Igbo proverbs from that merit your knowledge, and we hereby share it to you.