Abia Governor, Alex Otti Reportedly Announces Sea Port Project At Owazza

Abia State Governor, Alex Otti has announced a Sea Port project in Owazza, in Ụkwa East. It’s projected to have an Export Processing Zone and other business-promotion facilities! Owazza is between Aba and Port Harcourt The project will reportedly be flagged off on Saturday, September 30th.” Source: https://pecohubmedia.com/in-abia-alex-otti-reportedly-announce-sea-port-project-at-the-ongoing-south-east-summit/

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With More Money Comes More…

I saw the Spanish proverb below about more money and what comes with it and decided to share. “El dinero llama al dinero –  Money calls money With more money, comes more opportunities.” https://baselang.com/blog/vocabulary/spanish-proverbs/#:~:text=El%20dinero%20llama,comes%20more%20opportunities.

‘How Salt Raises Blood Pressure’ – Dr Pauline Swift

In a wonderful piece by BBC, I saw this quote exposing how salt ‘increacses blood pressure’ from Dr Pauline Swift of Blood Pressure UK, and decided to share. Dr Swift said, “If you eat too much salt, it causes extra water to be stored in your body, which raises your blood pressure. https://www.bbc.com/news/health-66807432 She gives…… Continue reading ‘How Salt Raises Blood Pressure’ – Dr Pauline Swift

Michael Emenalo Is Director Of Football Of Saudi Pro League

Former Super Eagles of Nigeria player in USA 94, Michael Emenalo is actually the Director of Football of the Saudi Pro League. As Emenalo’s job title suggests, he is one of the pillars entrusted with the task of developing Saudi football. Saudi football has of recent gotten a high profile with the coming of international…… Continue reading Michael Emenalo Is Director Of Football Of Saudi Pro League