American Reveals How He Deceives Nigerian Yahoo Boys When They Try To Dupe Him (Photo)

An American took to social media to reveal how he deceives Nigerian Yahoo Boys. He said he pretends as if he is a rich maga. Unknown to the boys, he is just out to get them to waste their time, money and effort trying to con him. According to him, by the time they realise that he isn’t serious, they’ve wasted money and effort on plane flight and other expenses.

See what he wrote below:

I string them along as far as I can, then I tell them I am flying into Nigeria to see them with $25,000 in cash (for bribes and fun).

I would demand they meet me at the Airport. I would have them send me the picture of the person picking me up. For security I would not meet up with ANYONE else.

If ANYONE else was looking for me, I would dodge them and fly back to America (with my $25,000). If they were in Lagos, I would arrive in Abuja. Good old British Airways Flight 83! Arrives in Abuja 5:20 AM.

If they were in Abuja, I would arrive in Lagos. Virgin Atlantic 411. Arrives at 6:20 AM. Now, Abuja is about 500 miles from Lagos, and they would have to send someone to meet me at the airport at dawn.

Now, the game is to see how many times I can get them to show up at the airport. I would miss my flight. I would go on a drunken binge and get arrested in London, whatever.

Whenever they were going to get me, I would be there the next day… Maybe 2 days later. 1 point for getting them. 10 points if you get them to express their anger at you. 100 points if you can get a picture of them at the airport, holding a sign at you.

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