Winners Of The January 5, 2022 Forum Topic Reply Giveaway


It has not been easy selecting the winner, as there are so many great replies being created by intelligent participants in this great, beloved and growing community. But one thing is sure: these kind of giveaways will continue. So that more great replies can win prizes. We will sometimes pick a particular date that has passed to reward replies posted on that date.

Well done everyone! Keep it up!

First Prize

The First Prize goes to @yamcy for this Reply: “Free to ask anything from English to to Hausa”


Awarder’s comment: Kudos to our in-house Hausa tutor @yamcy for promoting her language and culture, as well as helping others learn the language. What she is saying is that she can help people out with Hausa translations of English words. Her effort has promoted interest in Hausa language in our community, and will do so more, we believe. Even as the world becomes more of a global village, there is still a need for all to do something to promote their indigenous language.

Second Prize

The Second Prinze goes to Adeniji Oluwaseyi for this Reply: “As an undergraduate your aim is to make sure once you are through with school [you] have your own job be your own boss and … make sure you start a business that you know will move well in your environment.
In that way you can survive in Nigeria
“And in all be prayerful”


Awarder’s Comment: This advice suggests that people should research well before investing in any market. It is doubly sound advice for a market where getting capital is not easy. In essence, it reminds us to be very careful as many business sectors are presently suffering lack of patronage due to economic difficulties exercibated by the pandemic.

Once again, congrats to the winners. You will get a message to forward your account details for payment of your prize.

Note: The replies are the personal opinion of the poster, not the official position of or its partners.

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