Moving Nigeria To A Greater Heights Through Agriculture

Nigeria is indeed a great country filled with lots of beautiful things. I have a great interest in agriculture, which I know can move this country to a greater heights.

For example, yam farming; providing food for large number of people and being able to employ labourers and farm managers, thereby creating job opportunities for a large number of people.


  1. Agriculture is indeed a natural way of increasing the economy of a country,,if there are lots of farmers to farm and produce crops for consumption, there by reducing food scarcity and employment of labourers there by creating job opportunities for lots of people.

  2. Nice one.. Encouraging commercial farming in Nigeria will prevent the nation from importing food products from neighbouring country

  3. We need to develop the willingness to go back to the farm. And government needs to provide an enabling environment. This should include provision of agro loans and good road network.

  4. Farming can be profitable in a sustainable way. People should be encouraged by good policies to establish farms. They can produce food crops or cash crops. In Kenya, many farms are cashing out growing flowers for export. There are many profitable farms the world over. Some grow flowers, others coffee, others oranges and what have you. They are flourishing with government support, not struggling.

    A farmer should have no problem obtaining a long-term loan from a bank to establish a palm oil plantation, a cocoa planation, a groundnut or rubber plantation; a plantain plantation and what have you.

  5. Food is life and the fuel human being needs to function and keep moving in the journey of life without food there would be no life

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