Planning a Kids’ Only Thanksgiving Party? See Some Helpful Tips

Are you going to host a Thanksgiving party this year? If yes, what type of Thanksgiving party do you aim to have? If you are a parent, there is a high chance that your Thanksgiving party may be designed just for children. These types of Thanksgiving parties are called kids’ only Thanksgiving parties.

You might assume that it is relatively easy to host a kids’ only Thanksgiving party. But in reality it can be more complicated. But this guide is here to help you.

You see, pleasing kids can be lot more complicated that pleasing adults. To increase your chances of having a successful party you need to prepare strategically.

Compiling The Guest List

Perhaps, the first thing to consider when planning a kids’ only Thanksgiving party, is the guest list. If your children are still too young, they may not be able to make invitation choices on their own. Teenagers and tweenagers are often better able to make such choices. So, if your child is a toddler or a little bit older, you may have to create the Thanksgiving party guest list all by yourself. A good rule of thumb is to invite children that are around the same age as your own child/children. For instance, you may choose to invite other children that are in your child’s class, or who attend the same daycare, or live in the same neighborhood, or who are related to your child.

Foods, Snacks And Drinks

After you have taken care of the party invites, you will want to start focusing on planning the party proper. You need to make decisions on the food, snacks, and drinks that will be served. Often you may not need to do the cooking for the Thanksgiving dinner for a kids’ only party. This is because snacks could come to the rescue.

But remember that kids can be picky when it comes to their food choices. So it may be wise to have a wide array of snacks and drinks on hand. Very Important: Try your best to make sure that whatever food, snack or drink is served is healthy. Also, these refreshments must be kid friendly. Kids love kiddy stuff.

Party Games

Whether it is a Thanksgiving party, a Christmas party, or a birthday party, kids’ party games can bring a lot of fun. So, you may want to select appropriate games. You can easily find a holiday party game ideas online, with a Google search. Also, you should also be able to buy a number of fun, kid-friendly party games online. You could also search for such in your local department store. Try seeking out the advice of your child and other parents in making your choice.

Make Provision For Parents Who Will Attend

When planning your kids’ only Thanksgiving party, remember it is not just kids that can legitimately attend. Some parents cannot stand being apart from their kids, even for a few hours. Some parents might also leave caregivers to stay around at the party. So make provision for that. So, you might want to have some adult-grade snacks available. You don’t want to be giving candy floss to parents/caregivers who might be trying to cut down on sugar.

Hope this helps.

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