Pere, The Putin Of The BBNaija House

This week Head of House Pere has ruled the BBNaija 2021 house with an iron fist.

According to Whitemoney his nemesis, Pere served with the US Army in Afghanistan for 6 good years. So, he came into the game with a strategic and military modus operandi, making allies with Maria, who acts like a secret service agent herself.

When they were exposed as the secret wildcards (I guessed that one right), it seemed to fit not just their script but on a deeper level, certain areas of their character.

Well, Pere has stepped on many toes. Let’s see how he handles life out of power when a new Head of House emerges on Monday. My guess is one of 4 things will happen:

  • He turns from a supreme dictator to a feared warlord, still intimidating the generality of the house even though officially out of power. He may become the BBNaija version of Khalifa Haftar
  • His loyalist or ally becomes the next Head of House and guarantees him a soft landing. (Someone like Liquorerose who is Maria’s current bestie and is very athletic could have sympathies for Pere.)
  • His opponents (like those in the Whitemoney camp) grab power and cut him down to size politically
  • His numerous enemies bandy around to ensure he is nominated for eviction out of the house (I for-see former bodyguard Whitemoney nominating Pere and maybe Maria)

But one thing is clear: the BBNaija housemates, Pere’s growing fanbase outside the house and businesses that need emdorcements won’t forget him (or his opponents). Truth is BBNaija, with all its faults is a veritable platform for Nigeria’s youth to launch careers.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

I am an Igbo prince. Onye Igbo ka m bu!


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