‘Wives Use Sex To Buy Love From Husbands While Husbands Use Love To Buy Sex From Wives’

A discussion was going on in Nairaland about why in many households, women stop feeling like having sex after marriage and childbirth. And we were struck by this reply and decided to share with you. Could this be right?

Women use sex to buy love. Men use love to buy sex. Like any economic transaction each party is looking to find a bargain, i.e. spend the minimum amount of their currency to purchase the maximum amount of the service they need. So once women have gotten the man’s commitment, they will thereafter spend as little sex as is necessary to keep him from straying to another market. Whereas, once a man has acquired the woman’s sexual favours, he will spend the minimum amount of love and commitment to keep her from withholding them. The best solution is to marry more than one wife. Thereafter, they can share the sexual burden among themselves, and the man can pretend to love all of them equally and share a little of his attention among each of them; satisfying all parties involved. Factoid of life. Free of charge for you. – RisenPhoenix1 of Nairaland

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