Igbo To English Translation Contest

Dear fluent Igbo language speakers;

Knowing how important it is to promote understanding of the Igbo language;

Noting that lots of people need Igbo language translations in their quest to understand the language;

We decided to start this Igbo to English language translation contest. To participate, all you need to do is go to the comments section, provide an Igbo word or phrase, and then provide its English translation.

The more comments you make the more points you get. Also, the more your comment is liked the more points you get. Note: to be able to comment you need to register on our site (it’ll only take a moment).

At the end of the day, we will give recharge card prices to the people with the 3 highest points! Don’t forget to put your phone number in the registration prompt, and don’t worry, we won’t share it with other users. We just need it to send you the recharge card after you win! Note: contest starts and ends today.

So hurry! Save our language and get a price doing so! We will also announce the contest winners in the comments so you can measure their comments and the likes it got and know there is no ojoro (lol). You can also see the live scores in the box titled Igbodefender Points League Table. Top point gainers win.

Having said this, we open this match with our own Igbo to English translation.

Igbo word: Nkpotu English translation: noise

Igbo word: akupe English translation: fan

Over to you in the comments. See the Drop Your Comment box below to add yours.

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