The Mike Pence Political Style

If there’s a phrase that describes outgoing US Vice President Mike Pence’s political style, it is “you don’t tell me what to do – I choose neutrality”.

First his boss President Donald Trump told Pence – who doubles as the President of the Senate – to go all out to stop the acceptance of Joe Biden’s win by Congress. Pence refused and decided to be neutral instead.

Then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who masterminded Trump’s impeachment told Pence to boot Trump out using the 25th Amendment (and become President) . But Pence quietly refused.

In the political tug-of-war that has characterised the 2020 US election, Pence has thus refused to fight for a possible extension of his Vice Presidency.

He has also refused a chance to have become President – by booting out his boss via the 25th Amendment.

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