Covid-19 Cause Of Rising Evictions, Non-Covid-Related Health Issues In US

We just heard that 9.9 million Americans are not up-to-date on their rent or mortgage payments due to the Covid-19 pandemic-related economic woes. See how to get help on mortgage payment problems in the US now.

Health issues are on the rise, leading to us calling for more health practices like moderate exercise from the populations.

“When people are struggling to afford their rent, when they’re facing eviction, or in worst cases, when they’re homeless, their health suffers” – Diane Yentel, president and CEO of the National Low-Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC)

This is not just the case in the US. It is the case all over the world. Abraham Maslow’s Theory of needs lists accommodation as one of the most basic needs. This is because mankind no longer stays communually in caves.

Instead, they live separately in apartments. And the population of the earth is expanding, while resources to feed that population are ‘shrinking’.

Why did I put the word shrinking in quotation marks? Because some of the so-called shrinkage is artificially induced… And scarcity leads to inflation. Inflation in one category can trigger inflation in other categories – including housing.

Shrinkage of non-Covid-free air is costing the economy of nations. So, everyone has to pitch in by observing valid anti-covid safety standards healthy living practices so that Covid-19 can be defeated or contained and life can come back to normal.

Do you know anyone lagging behind in mortgage payments? How are they coping? Let’s get your comment.

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