One Way: Lagosian Alleges Some Drivers Deceived, Their Vehicles Seized

As the Lagos State Government begins strictly enforcing regulations against motorists driving against traffic, popularly knows as ‘one way’ a social media user has alleged that during traffic some drivers are deliberately deceived by law enforcement to alternatively take one-way routes, ostensibly to lessen gridlock, only to have their vehicles impounded when they drive into such routes.

According to the unconfirmed report, titled, “CONNECT 3RD MAINLAND BRIDGE THROUGH YABA ADEKUNLE AND FORFEIT YOUR CAR” this is happening as Third Mainland Bridge remains closed for renovations.

This is even as the Lagos traffic rules expressly make it illegal for drivers to disobey traffic enforcement authorities.

See what the social media user shared:

Also of concern is the hidden nature of one-way signs on many routes. According to motorists, unsuspecting drivers take such routes, only for them to be stopped and their cars impounded.

Follow the rules and regulations. You will thank me later… CONNECT 3RD MAINLAND BRIDGE THROUGH YABA ADEKUNLE AND FORFEIT YOUR CAR

This is my personal experience yesterday.

The link between Yaba and the Bridge is closed for now, but you will see a LASTMA officer or a Policeman or some tout directing you to an alternative route, if you follow, you will later be arrested for ONE WAY. And the Executive Order for now is forfeiture.

I was arrested yesterday and have been in their office since yesterday. About 50 Cars have been arrested and brought to their office at Oshodi. They want to forfeit the Cars and auction them as they did last week.

From someone in My Alumni group

There are concerns that if such allegations are true but not curtailed, Lagosians will see the Government’s noble attempts to sanitize traffic as an exercise victimising innocent motorists by deceptive acts that get their cars seized.

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