Why Jews, Chinese, Indians And Igbos Are Hated – Dr Thomas Sowell

We came across a place Dr Thomas Sowell weighed in on why Igbos and other ethnic groups known for trading are resented. See what he said.

“Where middlemen are an ethnically distinct group -the Jews, the Chinese in SouthEast Asia, the east Indians in Uganda, the Ibos in Nigeria- that ethnic group is hated by the masses who deal with them” ~Dr. Thomas Sowell

What Thomas Sowell said about why Igbos and co are hated is identical to what Chinese American intellectual Prof. Amy Chua said. Amy Chua said Igbos and ethnic Chinese are resented because of their status as market-dominant [groups].

Amy Chua suggested that market-dominant [groups] should try to reduce the resentment by engaging in CSR activities in their host community.

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