2020: Why Trump’s Approval Rating Is Such A Tricky Thing

It’s 3 weeks to the November election, and candidate Trump’s approval ratings show he is trailing Democratic candidate Joe Biden, sometimes by double digits. Deja vu!

The same thing happened in the 2016 election. Right up to the eve of the election opinion polls predicted Trump would lose and Hilary Clinton would have a comfortable win.

But the election results defied expert predictions and left seasoned pundits scratching their heads.

Even Trump thought he’d lost, according to his then special counsel, Steve Bannon.

But one thing to realise about Trump is that his base, not the undecided voters are his main strength. When that base is energised, they remain silent but express themselves assertively during elections, whether it be in primaries against Jeb Bush, or in main polls against Hillary Clinton.

Many Denocrats may be thinking that with Trump’s approval rating this week, they’ve already won the November 3 primaries.

But one Democratic Party pundit told CNN yesterday that it’s not time for them to relax. Trump’s base is waiting to upvote their man.

One sign is the reception he got during his drive-by outside Walter Read Hospital. These folks and their close ones are really, really devoted to Trump, and I suspect they’ll remain so for a long time, irrespective of the 2020 election results.

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