About The BBNaija NGO Presentation Task

The Big Brother NGO presentation by housemates showed that we have some intelligent housemates in the house. But…

But only one team mentioned how much they would need from donors, and for what. The rest were trying to either impress, explain or entertain. Their goal should have rather been to convince.

There are 4 main goals in a speech: either to … entertain; or impress; or explain or convince. This task should have been about trying to convince the donors to part money for a project, not a debate on whether food security is superior to sports development or gender security.

Big Brother should have given the housemates coaching materials from NGO consultants. You don’t just mention the problem; you also mention the solution and how much it will cost. Plus plan to actually implement.

Anyway, kudos all the same to the housemates.

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