Ozo And Nengi Pictured Exchanging Looks

Below are photos of BBNaija housemates Ozo and Nengi looking at themselves.

They sat on opposite places accross the room in the Big Brother House arena and spent minutes looking at themselves. Has Nengi finnally fallen for Ozo, or was she thinking of something else?

The look-exchange doesn’t seem planned. They were wearing black Betway merch, and looked like a couple in love.

We are confused because Nengi has always told Ozo that she sees him more like a brother-only for couple-kind-of-things to happen afterwards.

Anyway, what do you make of these looks?

Ozo was seen showering Nengi with lots of attention
Nengi smiles…
Ozo can’t help staring helplessly at the beautiful Nengi
Nengi stares back. Normally, Nengi’s looks to Ozo are often harder than this.

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