Is This Scariest Masquerade In Igbo Land?

Today, we bring you gist of Onyekulum masquerade one of the scariest masquerades in Igboland. It is believed to come from a strange forest in the midst of a river where no man, no matter how brave dares to enter, not even to fetch firewood. The forest is called Ofia Onyekulum.

Onlike other Igbo masquerades Onyekulum masquerades are not escorted by humans. Rather, the whole family father, mother and children come out. And no music is played.

People just run. Cultural expert Charles Ifeanyi Obi also says other masquerades run from the Onyekulum masquerades. Only Omu palm fronds can limit its passage.

Many people go to Adazi Nnukwu to watch this mysterious masquerade. It is a big tourism attractor. But such a trip is not for the faint hearted. If you decide to go, it is a trip you decided to take entirely on your own. This article is just for news and cultural education purposes. Lol.

In this link Charles Obi says more and shows us photos of the feared and respected masquerade.

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