Chadwick Boseman Lives On Through The Wakanda Idea

ibidun ighodalo

We woke up to the news that Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman has succumbed to cancer.

But I daresay that he lives on through the Wakanda idea that he helped pass to us. By playing his role in the Black Panther, he shined a light of a better Africa that we Africans must all embrace.

From Rwanda to Nigeria, we must nuture the Wakanda confidence that our Africa can be a better place…

We must ride on in the spirit of the Black Panther- the indomitable Black spirit. Wakanda will never succumb to cancer, but will overcome cancer.

I hate this illness called cancer. I hope the world can find a cure to it sooner than later. We should be able to learn how to tame a cell that starts behaving unnaturally in the human body. So many have gone because of cancer.

It’s time to put up a huge fight against cancer by funding even more anti-cancer research.

Chadwick Boseman, your fight is over, but your legacy lives on. Rest in peace, Sir.

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