Germany has taken over the EU rotating presidency for the next 6 months. This comes at a time when there is widespread feeling that the US is stepping away from global leadership.

Analysts point to the US withdrawal from ‘compulsory commitment’ to international treaties and norms under President Donald Trump-who sees the United States as its own continent. The global Covid-19 pandemic is also an existential issue at this point.

It is in this backdrop that Shada Islam, a Brussels-based commentator on EU affairs and CEO of New Horizons project, a strategy, analysis and advisory company has called on Germany to take up leadership in all the areas the US is stepping away from.

She also provides a strategic plan of action. In it she lists 4 points of action which she argues will give Germany new leadership-in EU and the world.

For instance she said;

Third, Europe must re-imagine its outdated relationship with Africa, learn from past mistakes and finally give up old-fashioned Eurocentric and paternalistic views of Africa as a junior partner needing Europe’s guidance.

New EU efforts to build “a partnership of equals” with African states will fall flat unless backed up by investment, support for the African Continental Free Trade Area and stronger ties between European and African local and regional authorities, business leaders, civil society, female groups, young professionals and students.

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