Ndi Igbo have a creation myth that they are Ndi Gbo (ancient people). Historical authorities like Professor Catherine Acholonu, and HRM Ooni Ognunwusi of Ile Ife have stated that the Igbos were the first People on earth.

There is also evidence of the Judeo-Nubian migration of Eri Ben Gad and the Nubian chieftains to Igboland to settle in Nri. But today, we focus on the aboriginal Igbo creation myth.

A researcher has claimed that the Igbos of the Owerri/Orlu/Okigwe area have no known tradition of coming from anywhere. Read below:

Analysis of the sources that are available (fragmentary oral traditions and correlation of cultural traits) have led to the belief that there exists a core area of Igboland, and that waves of immigrant communities from the north and west planted themselves on the border of this core area as early as the ninth century.

This core area – Owerri, Orlu and Okigwi – forms a belt, and the people in this area have no tradition of coming from anywhere else. Migration from this area in the recent past tended to be in all directions, and in this way the Igbo culture gradually became homogenized.

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