River In Aguleri Where Osu Caste Belief Is Washed Away

Eze Chukwuemeka Eri, Of Eri, Aguleri in Anambra State, has said that Osu Caste system is a thing of the past in Igboland. He however spoke of a river in his domain where people are cleansed of Osu belief. He said;

Now, there is nothing like Osu in Igbo culture; it has been abolished.Nobody is being married to deities and nobody is running there for protection again.

Our tradition is all about love for our brothers and neighbours.You cannot be a good neighbour or brother when you discriminate.

Anybody who thinks he is Osu and comes here, we will cleans the person and he or she will be free. This place is the ancestral land of Igbo people. We originated here.

He continues: People have been coming here for cleansing and we have been setting them free. We will take them to the river and wash them, with a strong declaration that they are no longer Osu; they are liberated. It is real.