Igbo Names Translated To English

Find various Igbo names translated to English

  • Nkem dirim (Nkem)
    Let my own remain for me
  • Ifeọma Chukwu nyere mu (Ifeọma)
    The good thing God has given me
  • Ngọzi ka (Ngọzi)
    God’s blessings are better
  • Ndidi                                                                                             Patience
  • Chukwudi
    There is God
  • Olisa emeka (Olisah or Emeka)
    God has done well
  • Ọdinaka Chukwu (Ọdinaka)
    It is in God’s hands
  • Chukwu Dubem (Dubem)
    God should keep leading me
  • Chukwememka (Emeka)
    God has done well
  • Ije ọma (Ijeọma)
    Good trip
  • Chukwu ma (Chukwuma)
    God knows
  • Ada ọra (Adọra)
    First daughter of the town
  • Chi na emelu m (Chinemeulum)                                               God does it for me
  • Ọ dera n’ọ dego (Dera)                                                             Once God has written that it will happen, it will

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