‘Choosy’ in-law compalins after brother’s wife served him only 1 piece of meat…

A Nairalander who describes himself as a choosy in-law went to Nairaland to rant after his brother’s wife served him ‘only a piece of meat instead of 2’ during a recent visit. Instead of support, he got served by many Nairalanders.

Some asked him if he knew the sacrifice his brother and and his wife took to even serve him that single meat for his visit.

Some told him to go and marry his own wife and let her be serving him 10 pieces of meat.

Others told him to go to the nearest restaurant to his brother’s house and order for many pieces of meat.

The in-law has already made it known he doesn’t care what Nairalanders say, but that has bot stopped them from dragging him with savage responces

#WeGoSettleTheMatter Lol.

Folks, do you support the in-law or do you support his brother’s wife? If yes or no, tell us why.


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