Interesting history between Governor Nnamani, Governor Chime and Senator Ekweremadu

According to kingzizzy of Nairaland,

Chimaroke went on to study Medicine while Ekweremadu and Chime studied Law.

Chimaroke returned from America, where he was practising Medicine, in 1998 to aspire to become Senator for Enugu East constituency.

As fate would have it, the then Godfather of Enugu state politics, Chief Jim Nwobodo, decreed that the next Governor of Enugu should emerge from Enugu East.

Nwobodo convinced Chimaroke to drop his Senatorial ambition and go for Governor with his full backing.

When Chimaroke became Governor, he remembered his old secondary school class mates, Ekweremadu and Chime. He made Ekweremadu his chief of staff and Chime, his attorney general.

Chime would succeed Chimaroke as Governor while Ekweremadu would become deputy Senate president. The rest is history

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