How Many Megabites In A Gigabite? (Solved)

The question of how many megabites are contained in a gigabite is one that has confused a lot of people and still does. Some ask how many mb are in 1 gig. Same question (2 ‘correct’ answers).

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Most people who ask this question need it to keep track of their data purchases. So it is fairly important. Now, let’s jump right in…

Some ask how many mb are in 1 gig. Same question (2 ‘correct’ answers).

Depending on which expert  you ask, you’ll be told either 1000 megabites or 1200 megabites.

How can such a simple math question have 2 answers? I’ll tell ya:

In the beginning, the standard measurement was 1200 megabites to 1 gigabite. This is according to the binary system of computer calculation.

But as computers became more popular, harddrive manufacturers decided to make things simpler. They started interpreting 1000 megabites as 1 gigabite.

Meanwhile, tech giants  like Microsoft with its Windows software,sticks to the 1024 rule. This means Windows will classify a 250GB hard drive as 232GB, and a 1TB drive as 931GB.

This is why hard drives seem to have a lesser capacity than advertised.

For instance, a 1TB hard drive has the capacity to store 1,000,000,000,000 bytes.

But if you divide this by 1024 you’ll get only 976,562,500KB. If you divide further by 1024, you’ll get 953,674.3MB. If you further divide by 1024 to get gigabytes you’ll see 931.32GB.

That’s it. Now you know. We are just curios: which standard do you prefer? The 1000mb standard or the 1024 mb standard. Let us know in the comments.

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