Coronavirus: Senegal Starts Clinical Trials Of Madagascar Drug; Tanzania Sends Plane To Madagascar

Senegal is to start clinical trials of Madagascar’s Covid Organics (CVO) herbal tea remedy that has been credited with both preventing and curing coronavirus in Madagascar and Equatorial Guinea.

“We are moving to use the Artemisia [the main component of the CVO]. On our side. We are evaluating it scientifically. We have given green light”, said Daouda Ndiaye, head of the Senegalese scientific committee in an interview with Radio Futurs Medias, on Thursday.

“We will work on a protocol to see how to give it to Senegalese patients,” he disclosed.

Recall that the World Health Organization (WHO) recently called for clinical trials of Madagascar’s Covid Organics.

Analysts say Senegal’s President Macky Sall has shown resolute political will in the midst of pressure following his consideration of Madagascar’s Covid Organics remedy as a treatment for his countrymen.

Meanwhile Equatorial Guinea, which has already imported the remedy, has shown a 44% jump in recovery rates in 5 days.

Comoros, through its President, Azali Asoumani, has formally requested for Covid Organics. And Tanzania’s President Pombe Magufuli has already sent a plane to Madagascar to get the cure.

Nigeria should get this remedy. Nigeria loses nothing by getting one more herbal tea into this country. It is what Yorubas call agbo. NAFDAC can conduct clinical trials on it.

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