Business 101: Know The Only 2 Things People Pay For – mrvitalis

People only pay for two things ignorance and laziness ….I want to Eat I can cook but buy food ..I’m paying for my laziness …if I can’t cook I’m paying for my ignorance …that’s how business works ….

mrvitalis of Nairaland

Analysis: When you can easily buy ice cream mix and make homemade ice cream, but chose to go out to buy it, you are ‘lazy’.

Defence: There is only so much people can do in 24 hours, so they have to focus on some tasks and outsource others.

When you are buying land and ask your surveyor to survey it, you are ‘ignorant’.

Defence: You cannot learn every technical detail on earth. If you tried to, you would spend your whole life in the university, and it wouldn’t be enough.

When you

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