Malagasy Population Is Of 50:50 Indonesian And African Ancestry

Over a 1500 years ago, Indonesians from Borneo mixed with Africans to form today’s Malagasy population.

The Malagasy People are the majority population in the island nation of Madagascar, the country that has provided the world with Covid Organics, the herbal cure for the dreaded coronavirus.

Their story as coming from 2 regions reminds us of the Igbos who at a point , had a strong Judeo-Nubian population led by Eri Ben Gad and Nubian chieftains.

Note that the Igbos had an earlier origin, as they were the First Men on earth, and the First To Discover Wealth.

Anyway, that story is for another day.

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I am an Igbo prince. Onye Igbo ka m bu!

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