Coronavirus Cure: Equatorial Guinea’s Deputy Health Minister Arrives Madagascar To Take Home Packs Of Covid Organics

The Deputy Health Minister of Equatorial Guinea, Mitoha Ondo’o has arrived Madagascar to take back packs of the country’s amazing cure for coronavirus named Covid Organics, a herbal tea that Madagascar’s president Andry Rajoelina has said not only prevents coronavirus, but also cures it. So far, he has been proven right, judging by the impressive records coming from that country.

If the impressive records continue, we expect more health ministers to make the trip to Madagascar ASAP in the coming days to get Covid Organics for their citizens.

Senegal’s President has also come under critism for supporting Covid Organics cure for his countrymen, but he doesn’t really mind. What matters is healing his people.

The inventor of Covid Organics, Dr Jerome Munyanga has not only put Africa on the map, he might have saved humanity from annihilation.

Igbo businessmen, why haven’t you started importing Covid Organics into Nigeria? It is a herbal tea. You are importing other herbal teas na.

Covid Organics is gotten from a herb. It is a different type of what the Yorubas call agbo or herbal preparation.

Please everyone, you can see how a herb is playing a mighty role in treating the dreaded coronavirus [at least it is effective].

So, let us document herbal knowledge of our ancestors and not throw away such knowledge in the name of modernization. Biko.

Malagasy experts report that so far, Covid Organics herbal tea has not only prevented people from getting coronavirus, it has cured 92 patients of coronavirus.

Madagascar has recorded no deaths from coronavirus so far, and that feat is ascribed to Covid Organics herbal tea, which is made from “artemisia annua” also known as sweet wormwood.

In South Africa theirs a similar (not identical) plant named “artemisia afra” which is known as African wormwood, or “Umhlonyane” in Nguni & “Lengana”.

In Sotho tests have reportedly been run that suggest that ‘artemisia afra’ has both preventive and curative properties.

Update: Breakdown of Madagascar’s donation of Covid Organics to Equatorial Guinea: Consignment is made up of 11,5000 packets. They weigh 1.5 tons. From this, 1,500 packets are for curative treatment and 10,000 for preventive healing.

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