Coronavirus Effects: 3 Ways It Is Killing People

We all know coronavirus (covid-19) as a viral illness that attacks the respiratory system of its victims. But do you know there are 3 coronavirus effects that are killing human beings indirectly? Let’s dig in.

2: Coronavirus often attacks the mental health of people reading the news if such reading is not blended with positivity.

The news in this era is filled with negative stories telling of how coronavirus has killed thousands in few hours, or how people are dying like flies from the incurable and highly contagious malady.

People begin to worry over unrelated illnesses.

All this news if not processed with enough positivity can lead to negative health conditions like High Blood Pressure, depression and panic attacks, which can kill.

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These conditions can either kill on their own, or they can lead to underlying conditions that often cause people infected with coronavirus to die.

So, try to consiously do something to stay positive every day. It could be putting on the radio to dance to music. Find out what works for you and work with it.

3. Coronavirus attacks the pockets of people, leading to increased risk of ‘hungervirus’.

Many people have lost their jobs and businesses to coronavirus-related lockdowns.

This means less money to spend (unless your government decides to send Adequate survival money or relief packages).

When there is hunger, it can decrease immunity and lead to more serious health conditions.

It can lead to the so-called underlying conditions that make coronavirus more deadly. Not knowing where the next meal will come from can cause worries and tension.

So, try to use social media to lawfully convince your government to send out relief materials and money to the masses.

We have not yet talked about the ability of coronavirus lockdowns to cause recession…

4. Coronavirus can attack the security of people. This can lead to loss of life and property, including foodstuff and money.

When there is no foodstuff or money in the house in a lockdown, people are forced to go outside to see if they can beg, make (or in some cases, steal food and money). This can lead to loss of life, or even coronavirus infection.

Going out in itself puts people at the risk of contracting coronavirus. So, try to take necessary security precautions but remember to pray to The Almighty, because ‘except The Lord watches a city, the watchmen watch in vain.’

I drop my pen here. If you know any other coronavirus effects, kindly share in the comments.

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