The 2018 Video Clip That ‘Predicted Coronavirus’

The clip below is said to be from a Korean soap shot in 2018. In it medics are seen discussing the coronavirus that is currently killing humans in 2020. Watch. I will tell you what I think after the video clip below:

My Reaction

I think they said the coronavirus has been in existence for years. What is new is the new strain called Covid-19 that came to force in 2019.

So, either the disease was upgraded or it mutated on its own. Either is possible.

To scientists studying a disease it is not uncommon for them to predict the future trajectory of a naturally mutating disease. It is not also impossible for some scientist to seek to bring certain conditions to reality.

Look, what I’m saying is this: let us not fall victims to any unfounded theories by taking things at face value.

When someone provides info to you, try to think things through. Ask yourself if they are presenting the whole picture to you, or just a partial picture. Think for yourself.

Have a great day.

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