Couple ROKSIE WIN ULTIMATE LOVE 2020 + Their Difficult Road To Victory

Rosie and Kachi have won Ultimate Love 2020. IykeResa came in second.

With that, ROKSIE have won N5 million, N10 million wedding sponsorship, and a brand new house 🏠.

The road for the victorious couple was not easy. They were both up for possible eviction in the first ever checkout of the show after their initial partners in the love pad dumped them.

But when they were given 5 minutes to choose themselves or get thrown out, they gripped a lifeline that lasted until today’s victory.

Kachi made it part of his mission to comfort Rosie who felt jilted by her intitial partner, David. David had dumped her for Presh Talker, the lady with the sleepy eyes.

Kachi presented a shoulder for Rosie to cry on in those sad days, and wholeheartedly joined her later nomination war against Presh Talker and David that lasted for several nominations.

As a result, Rosie saw in Kachi, the man who would accept her for what she is. She saw in Kachi a man who would accept her 2 previous children as if they were his. No, a man who would make her 2 children fully his.

Congrats, ROKSIE! May you and yours live happily ever after.

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