The Coronavirus Army And The Need For A Health Force In Every Country

Coronavirus is the deadliest worldwide pandemic ever known to mankind. Countries from ocean to ocean have been sorely affected.

It is a potential existential threat to mankind. It has killed both the rich and the poor, the leaders and the led, medics and patients. It is not clear if it mutated naturally or was manufactured as some theories claim. But one thing is getting clear:

A Health Force is necessary to defend every country. Coronavirus has invaded countries and devastated their lives and economies.

Coronavirus doesn’t care if you are a nuclear power. Coronavirus doesn’t care if you are a developed economy in the G7 or G20.

It doesn’t respect borders. In fact coronavirus is like a computer virus.

Coronavirus invades countries using humans as trojan horses. So it is able to use globalisation as a weapon against humanity. It has become a competitor with technology on the utilization of globalisation. And it tries to upgrade itself by forming new strains just as technology gets new upgrades.

Coronavirus has a pervasive influence. It has the power to change people’s way of life in a way terrorism can only dream of.

It has the power to make billionaires lose their billions in hours. To make the employed lose employment. It has the power to make free societies force themselves to give up freedom if they must survive.

Coronavirus fights a war against humans without showing any signs of devastation except in the increasing emptiness felt in the once bustling public squares and in the houses of the bereaved.

Soldiers have used their discipline to help in the fight against the virus. That is commendable and should be encouraged.

But viruses seem to be getting bolder in attacking humans and new ones and strains not seen before keep popping up.

Guns and drones? No, medicines are the new weapons for fighting this new kind of army, and also any tiny submarines/bloodships/spaceships our inventors are creating that can shrink medical experts into nano vehicles to fly/swim into the human body to fight these viruses one on one.

If coronavirus and ebola virus are armies of tiny non-human ‘civilizations’ seeking to displace humanity and take over the earth, we don’t yet know.

If these living organisms are in a race with Artificial Intelligence to take over the earth from humans, we don’t yet know.

What we know now is that there is a need for every country to create a medical force to stand vis a vis the armed forces.

Doctors and other health workers that have been in the battle line of Covid-19 should be incorporated into a more organised entity through National Contingency Plans given the same consideration as National Defence Plans.

Even as we harness technology and green projects, we must know how to control our own destiny as humans.

Even as nations create cyber forces, they should not forget medical forces.

Ebola Virus seems to have been a forerunner to coronavirus. We hope coronavirus is not a forerunner to a deadlier virus.

But as the Boy Scouts say, we must Be Prepared. This is therefore a time to prioritise medical budgets at the same level as defence budgets.

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