Marital Infidelity: Virgin Bride Versus Non Virgin Bride

Some people think marrying a virgin is the answer to preventing infidelity in marriage. But is it? The 2 general answers to preventing marital infidelity are:

1. Marrying a woman with character, and

2. Understanding/giving your wife the best you can give

Let me explain: There are virgins with character. And then there are virgins who are virgins just because they didn’t have the opportunity to explore.

The second group believe in the freedom to explore but didn’t get the chance to. They were ‘forced’ to be virgins. Some in the second class of virgins will vow to explore the world once they have the opportunity, even if it is after marriage.

Then when you come to non virgin brides, you have the ones with good character who may have lost their virginity innocently, against there wish. Maybe through hard exertion in sports or even unjustly through rape. What of girls who went to party and were drugged and slept with but who chose to be chaste after that? Or remember how the mother of the young lady in the Titanic was persuading her to give in to and marry one rich guy on the ship despite her protests about the man’s character?

Then there are non virgin brides who threw away their virginity because they believe it is there’s and they have the right to do with it whatever they chose.

You see, marital infidelity can go both ways. The solution is to:

Just search for and pray you marry a woman of character and you understand her and try to give the best to her.

And don’t abandon her to be chasing single girls. Dazzol.

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