Ultimate Love Show: Things Fall Apart As OBIEBI Couple Tear Themselves Apart

OBIEBI, one of the nominated couples facing possible eviction had a rough night that exploded during the Saturday party, and only today’s events will tell if they are still a couple.

Ultimate love
Obi complains to Rosie over Ebi

Aunty had earlier said Obi is ‘too protective’ of Ebi. (What’s bad in that?) She said that was why she didn’t choose them to escape nomination!

On Saturday, there was a quarrel between the pair. Obi felt he should leave Ebi to either come and beg him or he calls it quits and goes home on Sunday.

Ultimate love
Ebi isn’t amused at all.

He he said he wouldn’t go to beg her as people have been saying he is too protective of her (Aunty, why?)Ebi herself said she won’t meet him as ‘she can fight for love but never beg for it’. She begged voters not to vote OBIEBI so they can be evicted and she can return to people who love her at home.

The sad accountant even went towards the swimming pool at a point in a way that caused concern among the loveguests. Hmm…Let’s see how/if they resolve their issues on Saturday.

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