See What Reckless Okada Riders Have Caused Their Innocent Colleagues!

Reckless okada riders don’t trafficate before overtaking you. If you try to correct them they rain insults on you.

Because of their recklessness, they kept maiming and killing people. Now they have given their enemies the excuse to successfully push for their ban.

Of course, government should have provided skills aqcuistition programs and soft loans to give the okada riders a softer landing.

Of course, government should have provided Adequate alternative transportation for the pedestrians of Lagos.

But the ban in itself would not have been so easy politically if many okada riders and keke drivers had disciplined themselves to press that trafficator. To horn before overtaking…

The Lagos State Government, must provide adequate alternative means of transport immediately or recall the okadas.

They should also work with the transport unions to provide a soft landing for the disengaged riders.

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