Is this 19th century European description of the Eboes (Igbos) right?

We just stumbled upon a description of the Eboes (Igbos) by a European, Adolphe Burdo in the 1800s.

“…it was here that I first saw copper-coloured negroes who are found everywhere in Ebo; they are fine men, well-grown and carry their heads proudly; they nearly all have blue eyes. They talk a great deal, and speak loud and fast. When they are negotiating any business one would imagine them to be quarreling and that there is going to be a fight. They are a dangerous race, ferocious, and easily carried away to the most violent extremes…” – Niger and the Benue: Travels in Central Africa by Adolphe Burdo published in 1880 page 126.

Would you day Adophe Burdow’s right or wrong in this description?

Note that ‘Ebo’ here is a corruption of the original word Igbo.