The Igbo Genius Leading Nigeria’s Weapons Manufacturing Charge

Prof. Emmanuel Ezugwu is the Provost of the Nigerian Air Force, NAF, Institute of Technology.

He is in charge of conceptualization, design and supervision of military hardware at the Nigerian Air Force, NAF, Institute of Technology.

Mazi Ezugwu has led in the development of several Made-In-Nigeria military equipment such as drones.

Igbo-Jewish Similarities

The US embraced German Jewish nuclear scientists after the second world War, and they helped give the US it’s superior military technology.

Recently, the Nigerian Airforce started partnering with Innoson on war planes.

Stealthy Economic Diversification?

Is Nigeria embracing Igbo scientists because it recognises what they have to offer?

During the Nigeria- Biafra war, the Biafra manufactured its own arms. Biafra manufactured its own tanks, etc. And the British readily admit that some Biafran arms – Biafran mines- were superior to theirs.

With oil proving unreliable as a reven earner, is Nigeria trying to diversify into arms manufacturing with the help of Igbo geniuses? Of course, we don’t want violence.

But armed forces have to routinely buy and replace arms in other to provide a deterrent against external aggression. This is standard even in times of peace.

With Africa’s new free trade area agreement, ACFTA, Nigeria might be preparing to target the African armed forces supply market.