Allen Onyema’s Cancellation Of $1.1 Billion Boeing Order Revisited

As we get to grips with the recent, indictment of Allen Onyema for bank fraud by US authorities, a Nairalander, obailala has posted a theory on the indictment – which might be subject to international politics, since it involves two countries. Obailala said:

Every big man out there, Nigerian or foreigner, is involved in one form of sharp practice or the other. But you only get to the limelight if you offend the powers that be in any way.

In this case, Onyema cancelling a $1.1 billion Boeing order from the US and apparently taking same funds to Brazil (Embraer) could have just angered the ‘gods’.

What do you guys think? Obailala may be saying this is like US anger over Turkey’s purchase of S3 missiles from Russia instead of purchasing American missiles.

But, others are saying the US justice system is very strong and does not have time for international politics. Even Allen Onyema alluded to it when he stated in his press conference that these are allegations as stated by US authorities, and that he would convince them of his innocence.