8 Ways To Avoid Dying From The Heatwave Heating Up Nigeria


Hello Zikists, by now you’ll have noticed that there is a terrible heatwave in Nigeria (November 2019). Yesterday alone, someone called me and narrated how they almost collapsed from it. We read about a lady on a road in Lekki, Lagos who actually collapsed from it and sadly, no one ventured to help her. The rate of feeling like vomiting has suddenly spiked in Nigeria, and investigations show the heatwave is being fingered.

Heatwave can lead to several life-threatening conditions. So we are sharing some tips we found concerning it below. Zikists, don’t just read and tell only your family and loved ones. Share far and wide. Afterall, we are here to show the light so that the people can find their way. Enough of preambles. See the lifesaving tips below:

See the tips

Dear all,
We have all noticed recently that the heat of the day and the night was unbearably high. According to experts, this is due to the heat waves resulting from the emission of greenhouse gases. The Meteorological Agency warns us to prepare for warmer days and nights. This preparation will require smart coping strategies and participation in climate resilient practices to deal with the damage.
The common effects of heat waves on humans are dehydration that can lead to unconsciousness or death, chicken pox, heat rash, and psychological stress.
In order to cope with the current climatic conditions, the experts advised:

1. Drink more water to stay hydrated.
2. Keep a bottle of water with us to remind us to take water.
3. Avoid alcoholic and caffeinated beverages during this time.
4. Reduce the consumption of protein-rich foods (eg red meats) as they increase metabolic heat.
5. Feed on fresh fruits and vegetables that are better options.
6. Monitor our blood pressure to make sure we are in the normal range.
7. Stay indoors (in our house or office) between 12pm and 3pm each day as much as possible.
8. Take baths of cold water before going to bed at night.

Let us try to adjust to it.
Let’s be nice to share information with all our acquaintances.

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