Abia To Begin Exporting Abia Rice (Osikapa Abia) – State Government

The Abia State Government announced on Sunday that its rice “Osikapa Abia” will be ready for export soon.


  • Abia rice mills “equipped with modern technology that makes rice produced in them to be stone-free”.
  • Points of sale outlets “opened for Abia rice in Aba, Umuahia and Isuikwuato”
  • Only locally produced rice now served in government organised ceremonies anywhere in the state
  • Access roads leading to the mills including the ones to rice farmers “being rehabilitated”
  • Government has commenced the “supply of seedlings to rice farmers”

Source: https://abacityblog.com/2019/11/11/abia-will-soon-start-exporting-rice-ikpeazu/

We hope to see Abia rice (Osikapa Abia) all over markets as soon as possible.

Enugu used to have Adani Rice. Wonder why we aren’t hearing of it anymore. (Sad.)

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