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Cimarrón Productions To Create First Colombian Afro American Arts Lab

1. There was a scarcity of Colombian Afro Americans in the Colombian film industry and in schools

2. The story of the marginalized Colombian Afro American people was being told without much input from Afro Colombians themsleves. The founders felt the Colombian Afro Americans were being cheated and stolen from as recognition and rewards were not extended to them in the telling of their own stories.

Their upcoming event is a collaboration with the human rights organization Skylight Pictures, to create the first Afro-Colombia arts lab to empower black leaders, filmmakers, artists and writers, and help them develop collaborative stories on their territories and communities. Cuesta was also selected to join the workshop on narratives with social impact at the American Film Showcase. The collective is headed down a bright path, that will surely keep inspiring young, gifted and black filmmakers to tell their own narratives instead of others doing it for them.

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