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Orania: The Ambitious All-White Outpost Hoping To Expand In South Africa

Orania is an all-white-Afrikaner town in South Africa that fiercely wants to continue that tradition. Residents of the town have called the cities in the rest of South Africa ‘war zones’ and speak fondly of Orania.

“It’s the first time in history that a country has been established without a war,” [an Orania resident] adds, sporting a Lincolnesque beard after he dressed up as Paul Kruger during recent celebrations of the Boer hero. “It’s like boere [white Afrikaners] Disneyland. Except you never have to go home.”

But many South Africans are determined that the town, which they describe as a vestige of Apartheid seized from Black African settlers be dissolved. The Oranians are determined to preserve their autonomy: they have defeated the South African Government in court in an earlier struggle. And they have met Donald Trump.

Read all about this all-Afrikaner outpost/enclave here

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