US Ambassador Laments Nigeria’s Inability To Live Up To Its Potentials

Though it possesses extraordinary potential , Nigeria is truly the troubled giant of Africa . And Nigeria exports Christian clergy to the United Kingdom and the United States .

Nigerians living outside of Nigeria have been notably successful in business and finance , and they are known for their entrepreneurial spirit.

In the book , , described Nigeria as a nation characterised by a type of corruption in which government or public officials seek personal gain at the expense of the led .

Kleptocracy and government dishonesty have corrosive effects on popular confidence in governance .

Official and unofficial corruption undermine the democratic trajectory and risks overwhelming it. It is among the most important hindrances to the country ’s economic and social development .

Despite ubiquitous cell phone use and other signs of modernity , the country is one of the poorest in the world .

By indices ranging from levels of female literacy to average lifespan , Nigeria scores among the lowest in the world . The country ’s population has grown explosively without the economic and infrastructure development necessary to support it.

– Former US Ambassador to Nigeria, John Campbell and Matthew T . Page , Associate Fellow in Chatham House’s Africa Programme, lamenting the backwardness of Nigeria, despite its great potentials!

Nigerians, have you heard? We must love our country, not just our pockets!

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