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You Are A Murderer- Turkey’s Erdogan Thunders Against Egypt’s President Sisi

Turkey’s President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has lashed out at Egypt’s President Sisi, describing him as a murderer. Showing utter contempt for Sisi’s government, he described it as a regime.

“As for the president of the Egyptian regime. Don’t ever speak about us! You are a murderer of democracy in your country. You are a murderer!”, Erdogan thundered while addressing supporters over Turkey’s military operation in Syria.

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Sisi’s latest sin is that his administration dared to critisize Turkey’s military operations in Syria. Erdogan has described the operation as a peace process meant to fight terror while preserving Syria’s territorial integrity.

Before the latest outburst, Erdogan had not hidden his disdain of the Egyptian President. At the recently held UN General Assembly summit in New York, Erdogan walked out of a dinner when he saw President Sisi with US President Trump, another strongman.

Erdogan blames Sisi for the death of Egypt’s first democratically elected President Mohamed Morsi, who was his close ally. Recall that Sisi, then Egypt’s Army chief, ousted President Morsi. Earlier on, Morsi had ironically appointed Sisi to the top military post because he didn’t see Sisi as a threat compared to his predecessor, Field Marshal Tantawi.

After Sisi ousted Morsi, the later faced many trials and died this year of a heart attack while in prison.

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