Pitbull Attacks One Year Old, Tears His Scalp Off In Abuja – sharpwriter

From the news I saw on Facebook… The boy and his four year old elder brother were playing outside. The pit bull had already wandered out of its cage and coming towards the children. The eldest was fast enough to flee on sighting the dog while the younger was too late to take flight. The dog pounced on him, drew him like 30 meters away and began to maul him. A woman on a balcony saw this and raised alarm…Continue reading in the link below.

While people threw stones at the dog, it didn’t yield until a man slashed it with a cutlass… It didn’t leave the boy’s head either until the man struck the dog on the face and it fell down dead… But it had caused enough damage already.

A commenter there said pit bulls don’t yield after biting in an attack… It’s either it kills the prey or ends up being killed.

People have been saying pitbulls should not be kept as pets. Please, my people, do heed that warning. Even as the owner, delay feeding it and it can reach for your neck! Imagine.

As for the boy in the story, I hope he survives even though I hear he is dead. An innocent 1 year old!

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